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Web Shop

Web Shop

How do I get into the Web Shop?
Click on the menu item Web Shop. As first-timer, only for browsing, you need to do nothing further.

Where, how, why do I need to register?
Before you can buy/order articles in the shop, you have to register so that we have your name, address, etc. for shipping and billing. The registration is only needed once, at the next visit of the web shops registration is enough. For the link to the registry, see the right column of the web shopwindow. There is also a link for "Login".

What happens when I register?

We take your data in your customer account and you will receive a customer number. If you are already our customer, we associate your ID with your login information (username, password). But we also store other important information, such as VAT, delivery and payment or delivery address if it is different from your billing address. This is particularly important for customers outside the European Union, because we have to issue the invoice in accordance with the customs regulations for these customers.

Why should I Sign Up?

If you only want to see the products, you do not have to actually sign up. But if you want to order/buy products, fill in your shopping list, want to inform your self about your orders and deliveries, you must login.

What can I do if I have forgotten my password and/or username?

Send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will reply with your username / pass word, or give you a new username and / or password. We try to do this within a few hours, but are not always available outside of business hours. If you want to order anyway: Register again and we ensure that your new registration is again associated with the account.

How can I register a company?
When you sign up as a company and if you provide us a valid VAT number, we can issue invoices without VAT within the European Union. Austrian clients, whether private or corporate, we have to charge VAT.

Are there conditions for retailer?
Please register as a customer, but send us a separate email with the relevant data (address, website, UID,...) and we will be happy to share the conditions for retailers with you.

May I make a suggestion?

Yes please! We as small-scale manufacturer are closer to the customer than our larger peers. Many of our models were built due to a customer proposal. If you have found mistakes, or want to give us suggestions for improvements to the web store, your message will be very welcome: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How can I order ?
Basically as it suits you best:
o personally in our shop - 1230 Wien, Leopoldigasse 15 - 17

o phone:    + 43 1 604 31 22
o writing:   1230 Wien, Leopoldigasse 15 - 17 or
                (1130 Vienna, Maygasse 27)
o via email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
o via the web shop

Is there an order form?

Yes, but it is not required! In our mailings we always also add a form. You can use it, but you do not need to. Please always order with the FERRO-TRAIN order number.

Do I have to order from FERRO-TRAIN?

Not necessarily! You can order and buy FERRO-TRAIN products with few exceptions directly from FERRO-TRAIN. We also sell our models at numerous fairs and exhibitions. The dates can be found under Fairs.

What happens after I order?
Generally, we will send you an advance (proforma) invoice for the stored items and/or an order confirmation, if the items are not in stock yet. When a reserved item is available, we will send you an advance (proforma) invoice.

Why should I order a model that is not available anymore?
Thus, it is reserved for you! We deliver the finished models in the order in which orders arrive, i.e. the orders received first are delivered first. If not enough models are available for all customers, we will inform the customers in the later rows about whether and when the models are available.

Is a pre-order binding?No, it is only a reservation! If you do not want to buy a pre-ordered model, please let us know without giving reasons. The order will then be deleted immediately.

Minimum order:

At FERRO-TRAIN there are no minimum orders, unless you are a retailer (the terms are only available after registration).

Shipping Charges
We charge for each delivery in Austria € 6, -, in the EU € 16,-, shipping charges (packing, shipping, insurance). For bulky items, special shipping methods (courier service) or destinations outside Europe, we will charge the shipping fees to reflect the actual costs. The shipping charges can be found on the advance (proforma) invoice.


When does FERRO-TRAIN deliver?
As a rule, goods are delivered on the same or next business day if the goods are in stock. See also Order.

How does FERRO-TRAIN deliver?

Usually by post after pre-payment! We can, however, also send the goods to you against COD (Cash on Delivery). In this case, a delivery fee will be charged! Also deliveries to a delivery address or by parcel service are possible!

How is the product packaged?
With great care and to check that all models are in order and complete. We ship countless packages every year - damage as good as never occurs!

Is the delivery insured?
In general, yes! The goods sent as a package are fully insured. If you insist on a (letter) fee for smaller shipments, we can also send the goods uninsured.

What to do in case of damage?
Please inspect the goods immediately upon receipt, especially if you notice that a shipment arrives externally damaged. Please keep the packaging in any case, including packaging material. You have one week to claim the case of damage with the shipper (usually the post office). Therefore, it is unfortunately necessary, to show the damaged goods along with the packaging and the packaging material. Without the damage report with the supplier you cannot make a warranty claim! Send us back the damaged goods with a copy of the damage report and the bill. That is how we can check your warranty!

What does FERRO-TRAIN do in case of damage?
It depends on the nature and extent of the damage, but at least we immediately look at your case and choose - at our discretion - the cheapest solution for all parties. Should a model be beyond repair and we cannot provide a replacement model within reasonable time, you will receive a credit or refund. We apologize for the inconvenience!


When and how do I pay FERRO-TRAIN models?
We will send you an advance (proforma) invoice, on which you will find our bank details and account number.

How quickly do I have to pay the Pro-Forma Invoice?
Usually the goods ordered are reserved two weeks for you. Please let us know if we should extend this period for you!

What about the bank charges?

Please ensure that FERRO-TRAIN receives the full amount and instruct your bank accordingly. In the European Union, a free of charge transfer (so-called EURO - transfer) with indication of BIC and IBAN is possible. BIC and IBAN of FERRO-TRAIN can be found on the Pro-Forma Invoice.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes! We accept VISA, EURO/MASTERCARD. Please send the card number and expiration date. For safety reasons, either by fax +43 (1) 802 03 85-15, or two emails (number in the first email, expiration date in the second mail), or call us to tell us the number. We will register your number on your customer account, so you do not need to send the credit card number next time. If you do not wish to register your credit card number, please let us know and we will respect your wish.

Does FERRO-TRAIN take my privacy seriously?